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Weathering the Change

Weathering the Change explores how our weather affects us now and looks to how this may change in the future. We aim to discover how the Island (and residents) will be shaped by our future climate. Investigating what needs to change, the time has come to rethink how we live, work, build, travel and play. We can prosper as families, communities, business and as a whole Island.

On average, we can expect, drier summers and warmer, wetter winters (more flooding) and an increase in our weather extremes (storms and heatwaves). Cooling your home without air conditioning and checking your risk of flooding are just two ways to start preparing.

Top Tips For Cutting Down Energy In Your Home:

We can all take small steps to be more energy efficient in our homes and help slowdown the effects of climate change. Here are few top tips that you can do today:

For an overview of how the Island’s climate will change click here.

The Weathering the Change project is delivered by the team at Natural Enterprise – click here for details of our other projects.

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