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£1000 available for Climate Change awareness

15 Apr 2011

As part of the campaign to raise awareness of Climate Change on the Isle of Wight, Natural Enterprise is giving away £100 each to community groups to enable them to put on activities which illustrate Climate Change.

A maximum of 10 community groups can benefit from this funding to raise public awareness of the effects of climate change on the Isle of Wight. This funding forms part of the Weathering the Change Project which is launching on the 30th of April with the Solar Festival in St Thomas Square, Newport.

Eligible activities range from composting workshops, flood awareness talks through to exhibitions. One example is the Pre-historic Climate Change exhibition which the Underwater Archaeology Centre, based at Fort Victoria, Yarmouth is hosting, from the 30th of April until the 6th of May. The exhibition uses artefacts found in the Bouldnor Cliff area of the Solent linking back to pre-historic climate change.

Caroline Barrie-Smith of the Underwater Archaeology “This is a unique chance for people to see 8,000 year old worked wooden and flint artefacts which are usually stored at the National Oceanography Centre cold store in Southampton”.

Anyone who feels their community would benefit from running an event linked to Climate Change should contact Sam Buck at Natural Enterprise