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How is our Climate Changing

The following information is derived from the UK Climate Projections 2009 (UKCP09) utilising a medium emissions scenario for the period between 2049 and 2060. The graphs show the 25KM grid squares outputted by UKCP09. The west of the Island falls in a maritime climate model as there is more sea than land on the grid. For more detailed information please click here to view the DEFRA website.


Extreme weather is likely there will be an increase in frequency, severity and duration of extreme weather events (droughts, storms and heavy rainfall, heatwaves, and possibly snowfall).

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Rising Sea Levels

A combination of an expanding ocean, melting glaciers and tectonic plate movement means the Island is increasingly susceptible to rising sea levels.

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Milder, wetter winters

The UKCP09 predicts that winter temperatures will increase, with the most likely scenario showing an increase of 2.2 degrees Celsius...

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Hotter, drier summers

Climate models suggest that in the next 100 years the climate is likely to incrementally become warmer, with summer temperatures suggested to be the most affected.

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